House Raising & Lifting in Cedar Hill

House Raising & Lifting in Cedar HillIs your basement or crawl space too low, causing you to hit your head constantly? Our solution is for those who would like more space without having their backyards taken over by an extension. Tired of paying high insurance premiums for your floor? It’s not necessary to move. Upgrade to house raising and lifting!

Five Reasons Why You Might Want To Lift A House

  • Moving the house is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Moving a house might be necessary for historical preservation, to get it away from flooded areas, or because of a nearby highway construction project. No matter why a house needs to be lifted, it will be lifted, moved, and then lowered again.
  • Add a second floor – House lifting can also be done to make the house bigger by adding a second level. A two-story addition might be needed on a one-story house.
  • In order to dig a basement, you may wish to lift the house. Adding a basement to a home provides additional living space as well as increasing its value.
  • Houses are also lifted in order to prevent flooding, or to reach the Flood Protection Elevation (FPE) required. Many houses were raised following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.
  • Underpinning involves repairing a damaged foundation instead of lifting the entire house (a few inches is a typical lift). Despite being lifted, the house is not being lifted in the way of a house being moved or a basement being added.

You Want More Space

When extending your home, you might want to consider adding a second story and raising your house. The process of raising your home could enable you to create a full basement from an existing crawl space, or make your basement ceiling higher. The methods above and others could help you reduce your home’s cost per square foot by doubling its size. First floors and basements can add 60 – 70 percent less square footage than adding them in other ways. You’ll also be able to keep your backyard if you raise your house rather than extend it. There isn’t much outdoor space in the city because typical residential lots are so small. Elevating your home leaves you with more space outdoors.

Smarter Than Moving

Every $1.00 invested in raising and improving a house increases its value by $1.50. Plus, you won’t have to worry about real estate fees, land transfer taxes, legal fees, and moving costs (such as those associated with buying and selling larger homes).

It is important that your home match your lifestyle, even if you like your current home and neighborhood. Perhaps your family is expanding and you are looking for a place that will serve your family for many years to come. You can also consider renting out a portion of your space. It might be helpful to rent a room if you need money for renovations.

Flood Protection

Many people live near water – in freshwater areas subject to flooding, in wetlands, or on low-bank properties along the ocean and sound shorelines. If the house is located near high-water zones, it may need to be moved back or raised. Whether you are taking preventative measures in case of future flooding due to flooding in your house, or if your house has been flooded and you need a lift for possible relief from further flooding, we can help. In addition to mitigating climate change impacts such as sea level rise, house lifting can also reduce flooding.

The foundation structures of residential and commercial buildings are the focus of our foundation repair expertise. Over the years, we have worked in many different environments. Our warranty is backed by a lifetime commitment, and what makes us stand out is that we have been in business for years, and we will continue to be in business. Go ahead and give us a call today at 972-449-5410 to get your FREE estimate. As a licensed and bonded contractor, we are anxious to assist you with any house raising projects or drainage solutions.