Tunneling Services in Cedar Hill

Tunneling Services in Cedar HillWhen you start to notice cracks or damage to the foundation of your residential or commercial property, it may be time to seek foundation-repair solutions. Tunneling is one approach to foundation repair when you have a concrete slab foundation. Using this approach, homeowners or commercial property owners can repair their foundation without disrupting their daily lives.

In contrast to cutting through concrete floors and slabs, tunneling allows the technicians to find the cause of your foundation’s problems nearly without causing any disruption. Ensure that you consult with a highly qualified foundation contractor to determine whether tunneling is the right solution for your home, as well as for advice on needed repairs.

Here are some signs you may be a good candidate for foundation tunneling and what it is.

  • Foundation Tunneling
  • Mudjacking
  • Landscape and Drainage

What Is Foundation Tunneling?

Professionals who perform foundation repair through tunneling will be able to enter your home without having to drill a hole in the floor and gain access to your foundation. Foundation repair for plumbing leaks is intended to help solve leaks that could cause water damage to your foundation (or already have) and deteriorate the structure of your underlying ground and soil.

For jobs which require tunneling, many foundation repair companies will work with a plumbing company. A drainage system is often updated or installed with this method to keep water from being absorbed into your basement or crawl space. In order to get the best results for your time and money invested in repairs, you should partner with a reputable and knowledgeable plumbing company and a company that specializes in foundation repair.

Is Tunneling Right for Your Foundation?

With tunneling, homeowners and property owners with slab foundations can have their foundations repaired in a less invasive manner. The cost is also more manageable and you won’t need to move out and conduct floor repairs or extensive cleanings to resume your normal day-to-day routine. If your foundation has been damaged by water or plumbing, tunneling is another option. For slab foundations, there are other types of repairs. It is wise to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced foundation repair company about what method is best for you. Contact us for your no-charge evaluation today, if you suspect your foundation is at risk.


It is also possible to repair slab foundations through mudjacking. You can use this method if tunneling isn’t an option for your slab foundation. During mudjacking, a special puddling material filled with portland cement and sand is pumped through the concrete into cracks and gaps to lift the slabs. Such repairs are relatively inexpensive.

It’s more invasive than tunneling, however, because holes are drilled into the floor. You may choose either of these options for repairing the integrity of your property’s foundation. An experienced slab foundation repair company can help you determine the best option for your needs.

Landscaping and Drainage

Landscape design and drainage systems have a significant impact on foundations, which many homeowners are not aware of. If your landscaping isn’t done properly or your drainage system is inadequate, water cannot move away from your home, potentially causing damage to the foundation.

When tunneling is combined with landscaping and drainage solutions, it can be beneficial since tunneling pushes water away from your home. If you’re having problems with your foundation, speak with a proficient and experienced foundation repair company.

Foundation Repair Solutions from Cedar Hill Foundation Repair

We can help you with foundation repair at Cedar Hill Foundation Repair. Over 30,000 construction projects have been evaluated by us and our evaluators have used tunneling techniques.

We’ve been making foundations that stand the test of time, backed by science and industry for decades. The foundation evaluation we provide is free of charge, and we make sure to evaluate all aspects of your foundation thoroughly before recommending a solution. Do not wait until it’s too late to protect your foundation — Give us a call today at 972-449-5410 to get your FREE estimate on tunneling services and commercial foundation repair.